CCFRP Data / Reports

Below are several different reports and summaries regarding our findings from the California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program (CCFRP).  Please check them out to find out what we’ve learned so far.

CCFRP Interactive Data App: 2007-2016 Data. 

CCFRP Species Data (2007-2016 for all locations)

CCFRP Angler Appreciation Event and Data Workshop presentation 2007-2016 (CalPoly data 2007-2015) 

Changes in Fish Abundances in Marine Reserves in Central California from 2007-2015 (Western Groundfish Conference, 2016)

CCFRP Species Data (2007-2014 for all locations)

2015 CCFRP Data Workshop Presentation (Annual Angler Appreciation Event and Data Workshop, 2015)

Tag Returns: How Citizen Science Can Provide Information About Nearshore Fishes (Sanctuary Currents, 2015)

Ecological Insights and Fish Population Trends from the CCFRP (Sanctuary Currents, 2014)

Volunteer Anglers of CCFRP (Western Groundfish Conference, 2014)

Relationships of catch rates to environmental variables (Western Groundfish Conference, 2014)

CA Collaborative Fisheries Research Program Summary (2007 to 2012)

CA Collaborative Fisheries Research Program (2007 to 2011 and future endeavors)

Hook‐and‐Line Project Overview (2007 to 2009)

Baseline Surveys of Nearshore Fishes In and Near Central California MPAs (2007 to 2009)

Angler Catch Totals (2007 to 2009)

Commercial Trapping Project Overview (2009)

Commercial Trapping (Sanctuary Currents, 2009)

Recreational (Hook-and-Line) Surveys (Sanctuary Currents, 2009)

Hook-and-Line Project Overview (2008)

Commercial Trapping Project Overview (2008)

Surveys of Nearshore Fishes in and Near Central California MPAs (2007 Report)


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