2013 /2014 Commercial RCA News

Check out what we’ve been up to with our visual surveys and directed fishing!
For more information, take a look at our project webpage about groundtruthing models of overfished species.

Directed Fishing Trips
Huli Cat_Tom Mattusch + Jim Anderson_Steve Rienecke328 total sets, 1702 fishes caught

Half Moon Bay – F/V Huli Cat

Monterey – F/V Sea Hawk

Morro Bay– F/V Princess & F/V Dorado

22 species landed (18 target, 4 ofs) including Chilipepper RF, Lingcod, Greenspotted RF, Greenstriped RF, Redstripe RF, Speckled RF, Stripetail RF, Vermilion RF, Yellowtail RF, Bank RF, Sharpchin RF, Blue RF, Copper RF, Quillback RF, Pacific Sanddab, Pacific Whiting, Sablefish, Widow RF, Bocaccio, Canary Rockfish, Cowcod, and Yelloweye Rockfish.


Video Lander Visual Surveys
Mary + Rick next to lander_DK

Half Moon Bay 

51 drops (44 co-occurred with directed fishing trips)

Monterey Bay 

146 drops (73 co-occurred with directed fishing trips)

Morro Bay 

87 drops (59 co-occurred with directed fishing trips)

Rebuilding species observed: Yelloweye RF, Canary RF, Bocaccio, Widow RF, and Cowcod